Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh, Tuesday, Tuesday

I had a lot of fun tonight. We had our Africa planning practice whatever you'd call it tonight. We went through the human video two times and then practiced worship. We ended on a song that none of us really knew how to play at all, but it was a great song, so we all started singing and it was great. Then we all sat down and had a nice little "circle time." We talked, we randomly sang, we fellowshipped.

I learned a couple of things. That worship (through songs, I know that isn't the only way to worship) isn't about playing the right chords the entire time or being on key the entire team. It is more about singing at the top of your lungs and praising God with all you have. With all your energy, with all your voice. And honestly, it is so much fun. Dancing, singing, praising God. Tonight was a good night.

"Circle time" pretty much consists of a group of people sitting in a circle. Usually it's talking about random things, sometimes it's about a focused topic. But, usually when there is at least one person in the group with a short attention span, it's less focused and a lot more random. However, it's group bonding in circular form. It's actually a lot of fun. I am looking forward to a lot more "circle times" as an Africa group.

I also learned something about myself that isn't as happy. We are doing a human video to the song Everything by Lifehouse (it's a lot like the youtube human video, that's where we got the whole idea, so it you want to youtube, feel free). In the human video, Jeremy and Cole both kinda like twirl me. I kind of like dance with Cole. And Cole dips me. Anyway, it has been pointed out that I don't let them lead. They are the guys and they are supposed to lead. I know this is because I have trust issues. I wish I could learn to trust better. (I also think that if I could trust, I would have let someone teach me how to swim correctly by now.) I need to learn to trust people. I mean, it's not that I don't trust people. I just am not sure.

Anyway, I got my schedule for next year worked out. Hopefully. It's not all too great, but it's still my senior year. Forward motion.

P.S. I tried an old man bar for the first time. Well, you know, a 5th Avenue candy bar. I finally tried one. It wasn't that bad actually. You know, for an old man candy car.
Jeremy: I like those.
Me: You're an old man.
Jeremy: Can I try some?
Me: Can I call you old?
Jeremy: You already did.

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