Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Thinking Thoughts, You Know

10 days left of school. I have to admit, I am a little sad. My junior year has been a good year so far. My brother, mom and I were all in the living room and my mom was like, "After Kyle graduates, nothing is going to be the same." And it's kind of true. In like 11 days, I will technically be a senior. And while the thought of leaving Ellendale and never having to deal with all the drama-filled girliness in my class is alright with me, it's still sort of sad. I have no idea this time next year I will be totally crying my eyes out. Well, I will be sad and ready to leave. Anyway, since my brother is also 23 months older than me and was only in the grade ahead of me, I have pretty much always had my brother there. He has always looked out for me. He has always just been there. There have been times where we fight and argue, but we mostly get along. Next year my brother won't always be there. Granted he will only be like 40 miles away, but in a little over a year, I will be many, many miles away. Things will never be the same.

On a completely unrelated note, our Africa team is going to perform probably the most painful human video yet. By painful, I mean the most people have gotten hurt so far and we just completed it last week. Krista's toe is probably broken. It's all black and blue. And, yes, I stepped on it. But so did Rebecca. And my foot keep bleeding, everything it gets scabbed over, it gets opened up again. So, pretty much if we all make it through this human video alive, it will be by the grace of God.

The week is pretty much hurrying to get as much done as possible in school. It's the week before finals. It's going to be a lot of finishing chapters and reviewing. Two of my least favorite things. I am so sick of school. I have nothing going on tonight, because my guitar teacher left to go back home to Colorado. I have an Africa planning/practicing night tomorrow. So I guess that means I don't get to go to the Elementary spring concert. Anyway, Wednesday is worship team practice and youth group. Thursday is the High School spring concert. Friday is the showing of "The Wager" which I am not signed up for to work anywhere, so I don't know. I may or may not still go. Fun, fun, fun.

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