Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Away From You

"Knowing that your heart’s content
was the thing that shut their mouths
watching as you value
someone more than yourself
and you taught it well
Send us right away
Our girl doesn’t waste her breath
She stands like a sage
She moves but she never moves away from you
Even as the tears fall
the smile never leaves
wonder in the heartache
that they will never see
that is everything
and you’re watching everything around you slowly start to fade
but you’re holding on to love even though your heart starts to break"
-Mainstay, Away From You

P.S. I have thoughts in my head. I have already said my goodbyes. It's all moving forward from here. Anyone want to share a pint of ice cream to celebrate? Ha, ha. I'm just kidding. But it really is forward motion. I am sure that I am going to struggle with this forward motion. I have thoughts in my head.

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