Monday, March 17, 2008

Sick and St. Patty's Day

I was home sick today. I still don't feel all too terrific, but I really have to be better tomorrow. We have Keloe, so we leave for Edgeley after an early lunch tomorrow for practicing and then the performance. I just love playing my flute for pretty much all day. Not really. I am kind of glad that this is my last year. Our band teacher is retiring after this year. It's really sad, but I have to take another credit of PE anyway.

I was working at the bowling alley on Saturday night and some guys who had clearly come from the bar wanted to bring in alcohol. Now, let me explain that a bowling alley is not a bar and is not a babysitter for your kids. The guy was like, "Oh, someone told me it was BYOB." Yeah, no. We are a bowling alley. But they bowled and left, to go back to the bar. Ha, ha. At least they listened to me when I told them that they couldn't have alcohol.

Our church has an event called MAX and I have gone for the past like three years. However, this year my youth group isn't going. I probably still am because I will probably make the district B quiz team. Now, they are taking a charter bus down to the campus where it is held and without anyone of my like closer friends going, I will have no one really to hang out with. And anyone that I do end up hanging out with will probably not want me to be around them. So, while it's still a month away, I am not really looking forward to it.

I would tell you Happy St. Patrick's Day, but we already missed it. " Though St. Patrick's Day generally takes place on March 17, the date is moved when it coincides with Holy Week. Because Easter falls early this year, Pope Benedict moved the date of St. Patrick's Day to March 15. Consider today a do-over" ("10 Things You Didn't Know About St. Patrick's Day"). Oh, well. Happy Do-Over St. Patty's Day. Just think, you pretended you were Irish for no good reason.

Anyway, since I was home today, I got to enjoy the lack of joys that daytime TV brings. I would rather go to school than watch daytime TV. Ha, ha. Good thing I do usually go to school instead of watching daytime TV.

I hate being sick.

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