Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Will Have Stories for My Children At Least

" I don’t know if I still have the strength to get up again
I don’t know if I can face my own reflection
Jesus, take this heart that feels so cold again and make it new
I hold this hope inside that you’ll never leave me
When all around me starts to fall and when my faith it seems so small"
-Mainstay, Believe

This was going to be harder than I thought. I was doing great. The first of the year was a great start. This was going to be a new year and moving forward. Then you start talking to me again. I mean, I know the forty minutes between us wasn't much to like keep us apart, but whatever, you were mad or something and I thought moving on. I guess not. With you getting texting, we starting talking more. I was happy when you first came into the bowling alley. I was like, alright we can just be friends. I guess not. I don't know why you don't understand, even though I tell you, I am not in your future. I don't understand guys. They really make no sense. Ha, ha. If you are reading this, try to get entertainment out of my teenage angst.

As for prom, I am going with someone dependable. I am going with someone who has always just been my friend and I am glad. There's no pressure, so I can just have fun. I am all for having fun. I am all for just enjoying prom. Not saying that I haven't ever enjoyed it, but it will just be more fun this year. Plus, Dixie will be there, so we can do our groovy elbow dance together. We are the coolest people I know.

KELOE was yesterday. It went and now it is gone. But it was alright. Ha, ha. After sitting in a chair for like three hours, your butt really starts to hurt. And because the other two flute players were at SADD convention, I was, once again, the only flute player. So in my three years of going to KELOE, I have always been the only flute player from our school. It's sad really. At least I have never had to move in order to sit by someone I didn't know. Silver lining, you know it.

So, I will have some pretty great stories for my kids. I choose to just learn lessons from people. There you have it.

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