Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tough it Out and Justice

Yesterday everyone going to Africa ate curry for supper, made by lady who was preaching for the Revival. She is from Durban, but she toned down the spiciness that the curry could have had. Anyway, we were talking and someone allowed my mom to add her thoughts. She said that Kyle thinks that I won't be able to rough it in Africa because I actually am a wimp. But, I am sick of everyone thinking that I won't be able to make it without putting as much product in my hair that I do currently. I am sick of everyone thinking that I won't be able to go and survive the bugs because I am afraid of them. (Don't believe me? After church, my mom stood up and there was a lady bug. I was like, "Oh, Mom, there's a lady bug." Then my mom killed it in attempting to pick it up. I must have said gross or something because Ella came up to me and asked if I was afraid of bugs. When I responded yes, she asked me how I was going to go to Africa.) I am sick of it.

Then I realized something. Why am I letting their thoughts (or doubts rather) of me affect me? I am letting them give me a defeated attitude, so even I have started to wonder how I am going to make it. I am going to make it. Yes, I am afraid and yes, it won't be easy, but yes, my God will be there every step of the way. Perhaps I won't make it because I can do it on my own, but because I have faith and trust in a God who can help me survive it all. So, next time someone wonders how I will be able to tough it out in Africa, I will tell them, "I wouldn't be able to survive Africa if it wasn't for God. But God will be with us."

Another thing I learned from job shadowing during the trials and what not. That justice is so very much needed. And from talking to people, the importance of press is that it won't always be exciting to write about everything, but someone has to write about it. Getting the word out there is important. Things aren't always great to hear. And it was very depressing sitting in on the trial where the guy was pleading guilty (this time he plead guilty, I don't know if that is how he first plead) to like I am not sure what the correct term is, but like sexual misconduct to a minor. It was disturbing, but we can't shield ourselves from unpleasant things just because they are disturbing. We need justice and we need journalists and press.

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