Friday, March 28, 2008

Cat Fight Friday

Yesterday I had a guitar lesson and bowled on league. In between the two I stopped by the gym to see how the decorations were going and I was asked if I had black spray paint, so I went home and got some. (That was my way of helping out.) I didn't bowl very good; I only got above my average on one game. Yeah, but at least our team won 3-1. That's always good.

As you may or may not know, prom is this Saturday. Oh wait, that's tomorrow. Prom is tomorrow. I am a member of the junior class (of 2009, baby!) and the junior class is always in charge of prom. So we are all decorating today. Since my class is a majority of girls and people who can't get along, some people had dubbed today Cat Fight Friday. (Catchy, huh?) Anyway, everyone thinks that we will all get mad at each other and yelling will be involved. I do not plan to engage in those activities. I just want to decorate and do what I can to help and get done. I am not on prom committee and I don't even particularity care. And I really don't like cat fights; they are stressful (and if I had my nails done, I wouldn't want to mess them up; ha, ha). It will be interesting to see how today plays out. And I may or not be bringing my camera in the chance that I could record someone blowing up. Which I may or may not find funny. May or may not. You know, you knows. Perhaps I should bring some popcorn and enjoy the show. Ha, ha. Yes, folks, this is the humor I am going to have to have to get me through the day. At least we don't have to go to any of our classes. Silver lining, all the way. Fun, fun, fun.

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