Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Am a Member of a Church

"Savior, the more that I see Your beauty
The more that I glimpse Your glory
My heart is captured by You
Jesus, You are my greatest treasure
Nothing this world can offer
Could ever compare to You
So, hear my heart’s cry
And my prayer for this life"
-Vicky Beeching, Above All Else

Vicky Beeching in her blog, made me think, so I will quote what she said:

"So with Paul, let us say that we will speak of Christ crucified. The simple message of the gospel is what will transform a nation. Lets not get side tracked in the wrapping; meetings, nice coffee at church, and fancy powerpoint are great, but ONLY if they are supporting the presentation of the Gospel message! For only that, rather than our media and technological advances, will changes lives and ultimately change culture."
My church just got a new projectors and Pastor is putting the sermons on PowerPoints. We are putting the words for the worship songs on PowerPoints. We are watching videos on PowerPoints. I realize that we are like a couple years behind just about every other church, but we are finally being modern. I can't really think of a better word than modern. I suppose I could say that we are getting hip with the times (but then that would prove I am not hip with the times). It's very exciting that I am part of a living church. I don't know the numbers of our congregation or really if we are growing or shrinking, but Pastor once said that you are living when the youth is growing up and becoming pastors. I really hope I didn't just like butcher that quote there, but we are a living church. I wish I could find the notes on the series of sermons Pastor gave on Revelation 2 and 3, but it must be in my other notebook.

I am a member of a church who understands the importance of scripture. I am a member of a church who believes we must live on purpose (notes from Pastor's sermon from 12/31/06: Living on purpose for Jesus means that everything else in life is secondary to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus, living on purpose means taking hold of that [Philippians 3:12] so that you may take a hold of Christ, and living on purpose for Jesus means making decisions consistent with knowing the surpassing greatness and things we need to take hold of.) I am a member of a church who believes in discipleship (from Pastor's 1/7/07 sermon: Things Jesus Expects of a Disciple: 1. To be a model of tireless endurance, 2. To be motivated by the external expedition of the word of God, 3. To be obligated to the Kingdom of God.) I am a member of a church that believes that you can't believe and understand the resurrection of Christ and not be changed. I am a member of a church that knows without God, we can do nothing.

P.S. It's snowing:
I said, "I hate snow."
Cole said, "Annie, You live in North Dakota."

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