Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Slowly Springing and Job Shadowing

I love North Dakota. You know why? Because as soon at it hits 40 degrees outside, I ditch my winter coat and start wearing a light jacket. There's really no place like North Dakota. (Well, South Dakota comes kinda close, but we have less ugly license plates.) I love spring. I don't always love living in a climate that very clearly has all four seasons. I do, however, love the snow melting and spring coming. I enjoy spring more after a winter that was way too long.

I am job shadowing at the newspaper tomorrow. I am excited, but I am also kind of nervous. Job shadowing your junior year is something that I have looked forward to ever since I first heard about job shadowing. It's finally here and I am glad that I am job shadowing who I am. However, I feel it's a little weird to just like follow someone around. If I were working, I think that would get annoying after a while. And since I am not in the high school English class, I don't have to write a paper on the job shadowing, which is cool. I just get to job shadow and not have to do anything besides get all out of the job that I can.

We had Revival again tonight. She said that Revival is a change within us, that it doesn't end tomorrow. I really enjoy Revival. I mean, I get a lot out of it. I would totally just listen to people preach everyday of the week if I could. I am like a preaching nerd.

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CT said...

Ugly license plates? Come on!