Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Another

Someone recently told me that I was just another girl.

Now, despite what my mother thinks, I never got mad when someone told me, "You look nice today," because it would mean that I don't look nice every day. I've never gotten mad at that. Or even someone who says that, I didn't get mad at them either. But I am still a girl (and "things would be a lot different if you were a girl" -quiz trip quote). And to be told that I am just another girl means that I am not special. It would mean that I am ordinary (or everyday one-word, rather than every day two words because everyday one-word means ordinary; I learn a lot from my English class; but not really how to use hyphens because I am not sure if you hyphenate one-word or not).

The person who told me that seemed to get frustrated when I told them that "just another isn't special; just another is ordinary." They were like you are special because you make your own choices and that makes you special. I suppose that does make you different. But not special. It's also weird how you can be special in a bad way and special in a good way. I want to be special in the extraordinary kind of way. When someone tells you that you are just another, they do not mean that you are extraordinary. They just don't.

I am sure my mother thinks I am special. I can crack an egg with one hand. I can make myself burp (okay, not something ladylike or even something I should admit). I can hold my own while bowling on league. I like vanilla malts better than chocolate and way better than strawberry. When standing in front of a window that is several stories up, I imagine myself jumping out of the window and dying even though I know full well that is never something I would actually do. I am afraid of every spider, except daddy long legs, I think that daddy long legs are adorable. I have chapped lips most of the time. I hate elbows in general; I hate mine, I hate yours, I have yet to see a pretty elbow because all elbows are ugly. I have a fear of public speaking, but yet that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am saving my first kiss until my wedding day, even though no one thinks that I will be able to make it. I don't like Peeps; I do not think that they are marshmellowy goodness covered in delicious sugars of delight. I think they are gross. I am sarcastic and flippant a majority of the time and it gets on people's nerves a majority of the time. I enjoy doing laundry and washing dishes (I don't really like drying dishes though). I even like vacuuming. I could, however, do without having to dust. It is easier for me to fight with someone that deal with the problems. I would make baked goods and give them to you if I could. I don't really like eating cupcakes, so I would love to just make them for someone else. I love wishing people a happy "burf-a-ma-day" instead of a happy birthday, even though it's silly and my brother makes fun of me for it. I love to stand outside when it is raining. I know what the word defenestrate means. My mother got me a mini stapler for Easter and I was very happy (I am a nerd and it's okay). I would be extremely happy if people got me even just a card for my birthday. I have never had a secret admirer before. I wish I had stayed in ballet. I wish I had stayed in swimming lessons, but I still do not know how to swim, but I am afraid that no one will ever be able to teach me. I have stopped drinking pop, but sometimes get incredibly thirsty for it. I have a bottle of sparkling grape juice and I want sometime worthy of being celebrated to happen so I can drink it. I carry a purse that is so big people call it a suitcase. I play flute and guitar. I personally think that I have ugly legs, which is why I love to wear leggings. Junior is my favorite VeggieTales character. I am not a very good actress, but I have been told that I have a lot of facial expression. I don't read enough books. I hate mostly every food that is purple except for grapes and grape juice. I hate bananas, but love foods that are artificially banana flavored. I like it when some people correct my spelling or grammar. I have a lot of typos. I am not sure if typo is in the dictionary. I love doing the cryptoquip puzzle in the Fargo Forum every day. I love writing in colorful ink, even in chemistry, when we do equations and I shouldn't be using pen. I am supposed to be doing something else right now. I am extraordinary and I don't care if you don't agree. There is no one just like me.

Therefore, I am special. And I am not just another girl. I am Andra and I am proud of it.

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