Monday, March 10, 2008

Waiting for You

Come into my arms and I will give you rest
Will you trust me with your whole life?
Will you go into the place that I call you to be
and wait until I supply?

Only there will you find joy
Only there will you find me.

Here I am. I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting for the day when you see light
Here I am, you're never alone
Wherever you go, I am here
Trust me with your life.

I will take away the pain you hide and fill it with my love
Will you ever begin to see the reasons why you are here
and take a leap of faith into the arms of me?
-Sevenglory, Waiting for You

Revival again tonight. Again, it was amazing. God is so more awesome than words could describe.

P.S. I could have gone to something amazing, but I already have plans. Plans to take the ACT again. Stupid plans, when I could have done something amazing. It's hard sometimes to see what God wants, but I need to draw near to Him.

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