Friday, February 29, 2008

Be Okay

If anyone of you have ever been in a relationship, and more so when there has been more than one relationship, then you probably have taken part in a breakup. (I do not support polygamy, so if you've been in two relationships and have never been involved in a breakup, then I am worried for you.) I had class this morning, but there is no high school today, so I had some time to catch up on the secular music videos that are hip cool (you can tell how hip and cool I am by the way I still use the words hip and cool together), and I would like to say that I really do think that Chrisette Michele has an amazing voice. Take a listen, her voice is amazing. So on came the video for her song "Be Ok" and I was like, "At least it's better than the Snoop Dogg video that came before it and I changed the channel for." I would post the video, but I really do not feel the need. If you want to watch her song "Be Ok," go ahead, it would probably make this post make more sense to you.

The song starts out with the deep lyrics, "Imma take my Lexus to the mall/Get a little black dress just because/Me and my boo just broke it off." Instantly you can realize you found a winner. First of all, I would like to tell you that when I had my 3rd breakup with my first boyfriend, I had a crappy crappy day. I was feeling sick already. Actually, I just realize we hadn't even broken up. I think we were just having a fight or something. Oh yes, I remember details now, but I don't think they are needed for this be a good post. Anyway, I was sick and so I didn't go to school. He called me and we fought. I cried a lot and felt horrible all around. I told my mother that I needed some cookie dough. Break ups and cookie dough should really go hand-in-hand after all. However, just because you break up, going shopping or eating pints of ice cream will not make you feel better. It will just numb the pain. I know it helps to just veg and do things to get your mind off the break up, but let me tell you something. Eating the cookie dough did not help me (besides help me get fatter), but the thing that truly made me feel great was the day that I was ready to get the remaining cookie dough and make cookies out of it. The thing that felt that best was moving on.

Now, her song does has some redeeming qualities (unlike the video), "Even though it hurts I will survive/I'll wipe my eyes, I'll stay alive/Take a deep breath and count to 10/Today's a new day I'll start again." Moving on after a break up is the best thing. Realizing it is painful and hurts and moving on. Taking each experience and learning something from it. So, perhaps someone should we should just leave the Lexus in the garage, save the money for that black dress that probably wasn't needed and learn to just love life even through life sucks, and breakups make it seem like it is the end of the world, life goes on.

"You may cry until it seems there are no more tears to give and it may feel like you have no one and no reason to live but God wants more for the life you lead and everything you share guys and girls may break your heart but he'll always be there."
-Eleventyseven, Teenage Heartbreak

I apologize if you are still in the salty stages of a breakup. God does not leave you. And it's not the end of the world.

"Teenage heartbreak nothing hurts so bad then remembering everything you had teenage heartbreaks never really last that long broken hearts heal when the pain is gone."
-Eleventyseven, Teenage Heartbreak

I am really starting to like Way of the Master Radio. The 2/21 one (hour one) was really good. I am finding Way of the Master Radio podcasts are more than just the cure for insomnia, it's got a lot of meat to chew on. And who doesn't love that? It's almost like meat that vegans would love. Well, Christian vegans. Ha, ha. Sorry, random much?
P.P.S. This isn't about anyone in certain. Just about breakups. I am not going through one, nor do I still feel the hurt of one. I am just annoyed with the music video. So get over yourself.


CT said...

I actually have friends who are Christian and vegan at the same time. They are cool. I don't know if they listen to WOTMR or not, but they should. It's good stuff.

Annie said...

I am not saying there's no such thing as Christian vegans. I am saying non-Christians wouldn't enjoy Way of the Master Radio as much.