Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not So Pretty Pudding

So, for Science Fair (which is today) the Chemistry class has to make a homemade food product and compare it to a store-bought product. Since you can't do anything from the years before, our choices were a little bit limited. Anyway, my group is doing pudding. So Krista and I attempting making homemade pudding. Yeah, it didn't turn out too well. At least we learned that you should really follow a recipe word for word (so when it says pour some of the mixture into a different bowl and mix in egg yokes, don't just pour the egg yokes into the mixture, it won't turn out the same). Anyway, so we messed up our first try and it looked a little like this:
So we tried to get rid of it. And by get rid of it, I mean pour it out into the alley across the street:

In the end, we kinda got the hang of it (however, we still need to learn patience and so when it's not thickening, don't just add the rest of the box of corn starch, it's a bad idea). But despite it looking less than desirable, it really doesn't taste that bad. Ha, ha. You can come to the school Science Fair after school today and try some if you'd like.

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CT said...

Actually, I'm still full from lunch.