Friday, February 8, 2008

Joys of Getting It All Together

Today is the day. Valentine's Banquet. Which means after school I get to rush around like a chicken without a head to get everything I need to get done done, which I am sure I will continue to think of more things as the day progresses. Right now, the main thing I need to get done is getting all the balloons filled with helium. I don't know how many balloons will need to be filled, but I am making Cole help me. Hopefully they have all the food they need. I just had to call my mom to tell me what was written on a sticky note that was what John was supposed to bring and forgot what he signed up for. Ah, the joys.

Also, The girls lost last night. They play again tonight. But I don't have to be there. So it's okay. They play Saturday only if they win tonight. There is almost supposed to be a blizzard and I have to take my ACT tomorrow. I hope very much so that I will be able to make it. Or else I will be really sad.

I don't have anything else to say, but I feel like a scattered mess.

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