Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bowling Shoes, Basketball and Jam-Packed Days

Today was a very jam-packed day. Indeed it was.

I woke up at 5:00, got ready, picked Richelle up and headed to the church to leave for Mandan at 7:00. Arrived at Mandan and had a quiz meet. I didn't do very good and hardly anyone was there, while it seemed like hardly anyone. I guess there really aren't as many quizzers as when I first started. I need to study more and the get the information down. I need to just do better than I have the last several months.

Then we drove back and I got to town in time to keep book for both JV and Varsity. I messed up somehow and it's messy to explain, so I'd rather not. Anyway, it was Parent's night (when it came to name tags, since my mom doesn't go, I wore one name tag and April wore the other, so she was my mom tonight) so I got to walk down the hall with Dixie while we danced (because we weren't going to the dance at the gym tonight) and then I got to eat a lemon-square messily like a four-year-old. We took a team picture and Dixie and I hurried out before anyone tried to make a speech.

Then I headed to the bowling alley to say hi to Crispy. He convinced me to bowl a game, though, so I was there a little bit longer than it takes to just say hi. Jake came, so I told him to bowl with us and so it was my birthday present to him. I didn't bowl all too great. But, Crispy gave me a 50-handicap and still beat me by a pin. But it was still a lot of fun and a good way to get me hyper before I had to come home and get some sleep, considering I have to wake up and be at the church by a quarter to nine for worship team practice. Here's my bowling sheet:

And all of this left me with enough time to tell a story to anyone that was around me at the time (which was Krista and John). So yesterday night I was at the bowling alley, but then Trevor came after the game was over to work for me. So I had worked, Bradley came to visit me, and I put on my shoes and bowled a frame while I was there. So I was leaving, driving home and I realized that my shoes felt roomier than I remembered. Then I realized I still had my bowling shoes on... so I drove back. And there I was sitting in my car thinking how I didn't want to walk outside more than I had to with my bowling shoes on. So I was like, hmm... what do I have that I could change into? Ah ha! It was Wild West Day on Wednesday and I always leave things in my car! So there I was, putting my cowboy boots on and walking into the bowling alley unable to stop laughing. I told Trevor about the whole ordeal, took my other shoes and went home.