Monday, February 18, 2008

Shoe Prints and Lockers

So, many funny things happened today. I won't name them all because then I will be able to tell you about them later and then my blog won't ruin all my stories like it usually does. However, April and I were walking to our cars after school today and April was like, "Look at your shoe print." And I was amazed. I had no one how cool shoe prints in the snow can be. So we spent the rest of the walk looking for good snow to make a shoe print in. It was joyful indeed.

Shamee: Today is awful, I just want to go into my locker and cry for the rest of the day.
Me (pointing to the empty locker in between hers and mine): If you want to go in a locker, this one probably has more room.
(Luckily, she probably knew I was just kidding. I told her that I hoped her day would get better. So don't worry, I am no advocate of people hiding in lockers and crying.)

the way i see it is you have two choice in life:
you can be grateful for everything life has given
you or you can be resentful for everything life has
done to you. your degree of happiness is directly
proportional to the conviction of your choice.
- Enzo D'Alimonte

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