Sunday, February 10, 2008

It Was a Long Weekend

I have a couple things that I should really talk about. Things that came and went, now they are gone (woo, go horrible grammar!). But I should talk about them on here so they can forever be in cyberspace. Or until we get new technology that like inserts the internet into our wrists or something. Then it will forever be in your wrist. Like that lady wanting to put diamond into her wrist on Dr. 90210. Sorry, don't ever watch that show, it's a waste of time. It's about plastic surgeons and then having patients who want plastic surgery. In other words, waste of TV air time. I have only seen one episode. Just thought I'd let you know.

1.) Valentine's Banquet. It was on Friday. So my Friday seemed like a long day. After school I headed to the church to see what I could do. I buttered a couple loaves of bread before Cole and I went to get the balloons filled. Let me tell you, that was a lot more work that I had thought. I am not sure the lady really knew what she was doing, but it was okay. I am glad Cole came with me or else I would have felt more awkward that I already did. Filling balloons with the helium even took longer than I thought it would, because when I got back to the church, I had to go home and change (and get another container of butter). Then back to the church, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, and then people starting coming. It was quite hectic, but things turned out really good. People came. People we expected, people we didn't expect. Including my dad (we have the same nose, well, each of our own, but it's like the same):
It was a good crowd, I must say. And taking the pictures went alright. Food was yummy. Pastor Mike had a good sermon. It turned out and it will be considered a success. Another year of Valentine's Banquets done, only one more to go (since next year I will be a senior). And as for the clean up, well it had to be done. I was pretty tired though so by the end, I was about to fall over. Cole had to just about push me out the door to get me to leave. It helped (not) having Cole tie something to the back of my coat.
Yep, Cole tied a balloon to the back of my coat.
Then I got home, looked at what I need for the ACT and realized...

2.) ACT. I had forgot my calculator at the school. Good thing the janitor is my youth pastor. I called Jeremy and probably sounded crazy. I am kind of crazy. Luckily, he got the keys to the school and I was able to get my calculator out of my locker, but it delayed my ability to get to sleep early. Nonetheless, my alarm went off at 5:00 Saturday morning. I slept for three more minutes and realized I had to get up. I had to take the ACT. Since the weather is not something you can trust, my father drove my mother and I both up to Aberdeen. Ha, ha. We got there at 7:20 and drove around to find the place, then drove around some more because it was too early I felt. Finally, I went in, waited a while. Some girl from Frederick started talking to me. Then we walked in and I was seated. Then the longest test of my life took place. The ACT is pretty boring. It's long, stupid, and important, but super boring. I had time left over on every section, then I worried I did bad because I thought you were supposed to not have extra time. I had to guess on math questions, because I don't really think I took Geometry (even though I did, it says so on my transcript). My teacher didn't really teach me, so I had to guess on every geometry-related question. Yeah, I am sure I did awful on that part. I get my results in 5-7 weeks, but don't ask me what I got, because it is probably bad.

3.) I had something else, but I just forgot what it was. Oh, right. Basketball. We lost last night, so that means that the season is over, no more Annie Student Manager.
I must admit, that's perfectly okay with me. We got home late last night, which made for another long day. I am tired and wish I could take a nap, but I can't because I am soaking my feet in Epsom salts. Ugh. I don't like my feet.

Anyway, some things that are coming up.

1.) The first Saturday in a very long time (okay two weeks) that I won't be getting up at 5:00 in the morning will be this Saturday. Yay. I am so happy. I told Krista that no matter what I am sleeping in. Trevor was like, "even if it's only until 6, it's still sleeping in." Sure is. I am happy. I also have no school on Friday. Yay for no school.

2.) Next Sunday (the 17th) the youth are having leading the morning service in Oakes. I am nervous, I have never preached on a morning service before. I need to find something to preach on. But I will. I don't want to repreach a sermon. I am too young to have to recycle sermons already.

3.) I just wanted to have three things. More to come, I'm sure.

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