Thursday, February 7, 2008

Decorating, Writing and Not Hiding in Cars

I shampooed my hair twice this morning. On accident. I couldn't remember shampooing my hair the first time, actually, I couldn't remember putting the shampoo in my hand the second time. I was really confused. Then I conditioned.

We decorated for the Valentine's Banquet last night. I hope it all looks alright. I don't know how good I am at decorating. However, Steph did tell me that it was fun watching me run around and be all in charge and that I will make an awesome decorating-for-my-kids'-birthday-parties mom. As for pictures, I feel that pictures are silly. Okay, you see, we take pictures for couples/whoever wants to get them and print them out and sell them to them for a dollar. I don't ever know what to do for a background and I don't really like being like, "Okay, picture on three, 1...2...3" while usually whoever is assisting me does nothing. I would like to just pass off pictures to someone else, but there really is no one else, so I can't do that. So I must take the pictures anyway. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy taking pictures, but I am usually never happy with the background and wish that the pictures could just be better. Maybe this year since Krista and Heidi didn't like my background idea and came up with another one, it will be better. I am told to stop stressing out about it.

By the way, if you are my friend, please don't ever hide in my car to scare me. I will scream so loud and yes, it will probably be funny to whoever is watching, but I will not find it funny. I will be angry and will want to punch you in the belly. And yes, that would probably also be funny for you to see, but I will not find any of it funny. I don't like screaming and I enjoy being scared even less. So, don't do it. Or I will get you back and I don't want to have to resort to that.

I had my English class yesterday and my professor was like, "Annie, what's a sentence that begins with because?" And I am sure I could have thought of many sentences, but I am like, "I don't know." So he continues, apparently unphased that I am stupid, "Because I don't know..." Then Charles finished the sentence, and for him I am grateful. I enjoy my English class at the college, but I will be honest, I often feel stupider than everyone else. Everyone else seems to have the ability to form all these sentences and describe things perfectly. I usually leave that class feeling two things: in a hurry (since I have to hurry to get to my first period class at the high school) and stupid. I am probably the stupidest person in that class. I can't even think of a different word for stupid. Ha, ha... I kind of suck at life, according to April. You see, if you didn't know, I was like the writer in my class. Everyone knew that I wrote poems and my stories in my English classes always got a 98 or 99, because no teacher wanted to give me a perfect. I know that is making me sound conceited, but really, I always wanted to be an author when I grew up, ever since 1st grade. I have always wanted to be an excellent writer and now here I feel stupid, but maybe that's good. Maybe this class is getting me out of my comfort zone so real growth can happen.

I am going to Jamestown today, because we have girl's basketball Districts. I don't know who we play, but we leave town at 4:15. We don't play until like 8:15, which is the last game. I think we will have a little time to spare when we get there. And by a little, I mean we will have like two and a half if not three hours. But, luckily, Erin is filling in for me tomorrow, because of the Valentine's Banquet, but she does book for the guys, so she knows how to and I grateful that she can fill in for me. Ah, well, today will be over soon enough. I have a test first hour today, Algebra II. Ha, ha. Well, I guess I better go start the day...

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