Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Try Something New

I have never tried sushi. I will probably think it's gross, but I want to try it. Perhaps, if I were to try it, I would at least remember what I was wearing at the time, since I can remember what I was wearing when I first tried lobster. I have never tried sushi and I want to change that.

I have never gone snowboarding. I would really like to learn. Sure, I have no doubt that I will fall just about a million and a half times, but snowboarding has always seemed like fun. Yes, I know I am not athletic at all, but I don't care. And yes, I know I don't like snow, but again, I don't care. I have never gone snowboarding and I would like to change that.

I have never been fishing. No, I have no desire to go ice fishing. I don't even really want to catch anything. And I don't care that Krista tells me not to because fishing is boring. I want to at least try fishing, because people give me a strange look when I tell them that I want to go fishing. When it is spring, I seriously want to find someone who can take me fishing. I have never been fishing and I want to change that.

I don't know how to swim. No, no, it's okay, I think I am okay with not knowing how to swim. I am afraid of water. Several people have tried to teach me, but all unsuccessful. I think I should probably just give up. I don't how to swim and I don't really want to change that.

Every I said, minus the last one, I want to change. Okay, so I'm sure I could make a much longer list if I really put some time into it. But I really want to try new things. If you can think of more things that I probably wouldn't think of myself that I haven't tried before, I would love to. If for no other reason than it would make a good story. And I'm all for good stories. Things completely out of the question: Sky diving, bungee jumping, and eating bugs (I did that when I was little). And I have been on a roller coaster before, I can live without having to do that again. But I really am serious. I want to step out of my comfort zone. I want to stop being safe and try something new.

Like the article from Relevent.com, Lindsay Goodier writes:

"so many of us choose to stay on the kiddie rides of life. We settle for the comfortable, for that which won’t make our stomachs flip-flop, for that which won’t possibly cost us our lives. We hop on the non-thrilling rides for most of our fleeting lives, and have nothing to talk about afterwards. Our hearts don’t pound and our palms don’t sweat, because we’re simply moving around in small, predictable circles instead of soaring, unaware of what loops, twists and turns could be next."
One of my favorite quotes is: A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for. (William Shedd) I want to step out of the comfortable little box I am living in and start taking risks and trying new things. So if you could help make that happen, I would gratefully bake you a cake (you can even pick the flavor).

It’s time to make a move
Change my fate
Let go all the things that feed my complacency"
-Everyday Sunday, Comfort Zone


CT said...

A little swiming would be good for you.

Annie said...

Good for me dying maybe.