Monday, February 25, 2008

Morning Schedules and a Small Boatload of Preachers

I really hate it when my morning schedule is thrown off. Which happens very easily, thanks to my brother. He fell asleep after shutting off his alarm clock, and woke up a good 20 minutes later, which made him get done and out of the bathroom later than usual. (And by usual, I mean there is no usual he always takes forever, like he takes longer in the bathroom than I do and I am a girl.) Which leads to my alarm going off, but I can't get up because Kyle hasn't gotten out of the bathroom yet, so I try to lightly sleep until I can hear the bathroom door open. Usually works, but this morning? No dice. And so I woke up late and got done late and I shouldn't even be taking the time to post anything because the days when I get done late are usually some of the worst of days.

However, I want to post, so I am going to. Yesterday was pretty filled. Of course, it was a Sunday, so all church-related activities. First was Sunday school and church, of course, then the youth board had a board meeting, which went very long. Then I drove to Barnard so I could go with Cole and Levi to listen to their friend Zach (who I am guessing is 18, but could be wrong) preach the evening service. It was very well done. Then after the service, apparently the hang out place was Chase's house. So, several people went there for Chili and to hang, you know. Ha, ha. Chase's family has a very beautiful house. Anyway, I am not an outgoing person when I am around people that I do not know that well. In fact, I get very quiet and close up. I wish very much so that I wasn't that way but I am. But I had seen most of those people before and even though Cole introduced me to all the adults as, "Her name is Annie, she also preaches." (But I guess that's good.) Most people probably just know me as "Annie, she goes to the same church as Cole." Ha, ha. Yep.

But anyway, yesterday in addition to hearing Zach preach, Al also preached the morning service at my church. It was good hearing other preachers, seeing as how I hope to be one someday. Actually, I am "called." But that feels very weird to say and more weird considering I don't remember being called. I remember wanting to be a youth pastor when I was like 12 or 13, but I really don't remember a divine experience like I know Jake had. Mostly it's just Pastor saying that I am "called." So I will continue to put air quotes around it. Anyway, I have done sermons before, so I enjoy watching others preach. Everyone has their own style. But I fear that I am too flippant when I am up behind the pulpit and that it one of the most unflippant places. I don't know. I don't feel as though I am as serious and everyone else. But, everyone does have their own style (which being told that just makes me think of that kid you always describe as "special" like you know, because they are a little different, but it's just nicer to say special). Like it goes the same with my writing. My brother is an excellent writer, and I thought I was pretty alright, but I suck compared to him. My mom says that we have different styles. Yep, his style is he is good and my style is I kinda suck.

I will be late if I don't go get ready, so you have a great day.

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