Monday, February 11, 2008

Mondays, English Papers, and Flowers

Oh, Monday. Let me tell you I am not ready for another week. I am still kind of tired, even though I did take a short nap yesterday (Pastor told me that I was a true Nazarene pastor, getting my Nazarene nap and what not).

I left my English folder in my locker, so I have to go to school early and get it before I go to the college for English. I think we are meeting in the library and I should probably make sure. I haven't started my paper yet and it's due Wednesday. I wish I could just skip the class, but on Friday when he was doing roll call, he said my name and was like, "she's faithful, never missed a class." After that, how could I possible just skip a class? So even though we are probably in the library, I really hope we aren't, because I don't even want to think about my paper. I know I should have started a long time ago, since it must be 7-10 pages. But I have bad sources. Ugh.

So, here's a story. Dixie read my blog so I couldn't tell her about forgetting my calculator; my blog is ruining all my stories. Anyway, Friday night I hit my head on the top of my car door opening thing. I must have hit it pretty good, because Saturday morning when I was combing my hair, my head started bleeding, and I was like, "Mom, come here, my head is bleeding." And she looked at me, "Well, you hit your head last night." And then she was worried about me because I didn't remember hitting my head.

I forgot Valentine's Day was this Thursday. I don't really like Valentine's Day. I mean I don't really hate it, I just don't really like it. I have never actually had a boyfriend during Valentine's. Not that it really matters. I mean, it's not the end of the world, hopefully sometime in my life I will have someone on Valentine's. I would just rather go back to forgetting that Valentine's Day is coming up. Just now I am remembering a secret that I read yesterday on Post Secret and I kind of feel like it's the reason no one sends me flowers:

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