Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winners, Losers, and Valentine's

I actually watched the entire Super Bowl on Sunday with my mother. I was happy; I wanted the Giants to win. Ha, ha. It was a fun time of my mother and me yelling at the TV. We made picks in U.S. History and only like four or something people said that the Giants would win. That adds to the happy. I also correctly picked the MVP. I was way off on the timeout thing though as well as the amount of whatever those running yards are called.

Of course, after the Super Bowl ended, my mother and I started talking about happiness. My English professor made us write a journal entry about what we thought it takes to be happy. He pointed out how most of the time our happiness depends on someone else's sadness. Like, the Giants winning is great, but that means there also has to be a loser, and you can be sure that Patriots aren't nearly as happy. I am sure that there are times when everyone can be happy about something, but I will admit more often that not our happiness comes from someone else's sadness. Our victories can only come with someone's defeat. I want to be like Paul and learn to be content no matter the situation. I realize that Paul went through a whole lot more than I probably ever will. I want to find something to be happy about no matter the situation. Or perhaps I just really want true joy.

Our youth group's Valentine's Day Banquet is coming up. I am in charge of decorations. I really hope that everything will work out. I really hope the tablecloths don't look as cheap as they are. My mom and I are going to have to go to the church after school today to start trying things out. And to start tracing the banner thing I made for the bulletin board (Jeremy already put it on an overhead, now we just have to trace it out) which will probably take a while because my hand cramps up incredibility easy. I sure how it will look pretty. I still need another string of rope lights. If anyone has them... fork them over, we will give them back after it's over, I promise. I usually enjoy the Valentine's Banquet, but it seems to get almost kind of stressful planning for it. I should just calm down and let what happens happen and deal with it.

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