Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Day, Another Million Things to Say

"You play it safe that’s why you’re running away
You play it safe ‘cause you think it’s ok"
-Dizmas, Play It Safe

I would have typed a blog while I was at the bowling alley. However, I couldn't figure out how to connect my laptop to the internet. My laptop is wireless, but I am not good with technology apparently.

Anyway, I was working at the bowling alley tonight and there was a girl's Jr. High basketball party. Actually, all night it was quite busy. There were four guys who didn't know how to keep score, so I added it up for them in the end. And they asked me they could smoke there (I said no) and asked if they could buy alcohol (and even though I know where it is kept, I'm underage to even sell a person alcohol and I do not want to be around them while they are drinking), but overall it was okay. They were nice to me. It was a little weird when the guy said, "Thanks, Darling," after I handed them their score sheet back. There were other people bowling at the time so I wasn't too afraid. Anyway, back to what I was saying about Jr. High girls. It was weird, I felt old. Like I feel like Jr. High was ages and ages ago. It's weird. But I looked at the group of girls. Most were within their group of friends, talking, giggling, and having a good time. There was a really quiet girl, who I felt that I could relate with (even though when I am among my friends, I get louder). There was a girl who lost her virginity in seventh grade. Now I know in today's culture that's not really that surprising, but it's still so sad. That precious gift is gone and she had to give it to someone that was so not worth it. Anyway, watching everybody made me think and I could probably have written about it better if I could have gotten on the internet there. But, no.

And something else, someone always seems to play "She Think My Tractor's Sexy." I absolutely cannot stand that song. I wonder if it gets played as much in other places besides the Midwest. Ah, the joys of living in North Dakota. I hate that song. I hate it more each time I hear it. Since I hear it just about every time someone comes in to go bowling, I hate it an awful lot. Hate is a bad emotion. I very, very strongly dislike it. Very, very, a million very's.

Lane 8 got jammed as well. I got grease on my jeans trying to fix it. I didn't actually get it fixed, though, but I really tried my best.

I have a sore on the bottom of my foot. My mother told my father this. He called me today and asked how I was doing.

Also, thank you for reading this. I appreciate it.

As for my decision, I don't know. As for all I had to do today, well, today is over and I am looking so forward to my head hitting my pillow and sleeping. Tomorrow? Prom dress shopping!

My friend April said something funny today. We were talking about how I am taking the ACT on February 9th and how I wanted to have a book to help me prepare. She told me to just get Acts. Like, from the Bible. It made me giggle. Then she told me a story and I giggled more.

An email I got today; I have good friends:

I was just reading on your blog and wanted to send you a quick note.

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