Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Randomness Tuesday Edition

Here's a couple random things I have been forgetting to write about:

1. Someone put a dead pheasant in our front yard. We know it was someone, because there are footprints in the snow that go up to the pheasant and then stop. We don't, however, know who it was. My brother got rid of the pheasant and put it in a field not too far from our house. But still, that's gross. Who would hate us so much (or just have a twisted enough sense of humor) to put a dead pheasant in our yard?

2. Yesterday, Jeff told me I was smart and cute. Ha, ha.

3. We have to make our own grape soda for science fair. To let people try the stuff we made and the real stuff and see if they can see the difference. Yeah. It's silly. Grapes cost too much.

Don't you love Tuesdays?

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