Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Hate Winter Week

Last week was an alright week. I didn't want to go to any of the three away girl's basketball games, but I did was at least now it's over. I bowled on league Thursday and bowled above my average every game (even if the second game was only a pin over my average). Tuesday was probably the best day because I had nothing going on and just could veg. Wednesday was alright, would have been better if Jeremy didn't tell me what he did, but how do you know what to change if no one tells you? All in all, it was a good week, but now it's over so I can move on.

Now I go to a small school. The amount of high school students (including 7th and 8th) is probably somewhere from 120-140, probably closer to the 120 side. The graduating class this spring will be about 18, give or take the ones who don't graduate in the spring. My class, one of if not the largest, is 32. I go to a small school. And apparently the student council decided one spirit week is not enough. So, we are going to have another... just because we can. Only it will be called, "I Hate Winter Week," because we hate winter. Monday is Scottish/Irish Day, Tuesday is Roman Toga Day, Wednesday is Wild West Day, Thursday is Opposite Sex Day, Friday is Hillbilly Day, and Saturday is the Hawaiian Dance. So what we should really call it is "Stereotype Week," because that's really all spirit weeks do. It's just a bunch of stereotypes. Tell me one person that won't be wearing green or plaid to be Irish or Scottish. Show me one person that won't be wearing a bed sheet wrapped around them as if it were a toga. Tell me one person that's not going to wear a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, or plaid and those big belt buckles. Tell me one person that won't be wearing a dress (if they are a boy dressing like a girl) or jeans that hang down or a tie (if they are a girl dressing like a boy). Friday there will be rope as belts, hair in pigtails, and grubby clothes. Saturday... better get out those leis and Hawaiian shirts. Ah, stereotype week, where we do nothing but enjoy stereotyping groups of people. The joys of high school.

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