Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Well, Might As Well Talk About It Now

Today is the first day of my college class. I'm taking Honors Comp. II at 8:00 in the morning. It's with the same teacher as same semester (last semester I took English Comp. I because it was the only time it fit with my schedule, but I qualified for honors) and it's in the same building, but it's a different room. It's the room across the hall, so I better not forget or else I would look like a dork walking and sitting in the wrong room.

So, this is not something I want to talk about, but I figure I might as well. I want to write about it, so it can kind of get out of my thoughts. As juniors, our class plans prom. So, everybody already has the books with decorations out looking at them and magazines of dresses. Now, it is important to me that I go to prom. I don't have anyone to go with. Going without somebody isn't an option. That would be zero fun. I just want to go with someone who's a friend and who would be fun and not be a bunch of drama. All my classmates that I could go with have already been asked by like four people. I don't know who else to ask. I don't want to ask somebody and have them be like, "prom is lame." Can't they just pretend it's not lame and go with me, because I want someone to go with? I'll look pretty. (No, no dress yet, but I will be getting it.) I don't even care if who I go with is wearing a tux. I just want them to wear black dress pants, a dress shirt, tie and vest... because I like that'd look amazing. Anyway, prom is upsetting and I don't like everyone talking about it nonstop. I'm sad now.

Well, today, I have to find a bottle of iodine. I need some. Anyone got any?

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