Thursday, January 31, 2008

Football and Thursdays

Ah, Thursday. I used to really dislike Thursdays, because a) nothing really ever happened on Thursdays (Monday began the week, Tuesday I would avoid the world, Wednesday was youth group, Friday was Friday, Saturday was weekend, Sunday was church, but Thursday? Nothing) and because b) Thursday seemed to hate me; things always went wrong on Thursday. However, since I started my college class (which is at 8:00, so I have to get done earlier), I have come to value Thursday as the day I don't have to be in a hurry to get done. I must say, I enjoy it throughly. However, I find April and I have trouble remembering what day it is...

Last week Thursday:
April: I was talking to my cousin and I told her it was Tuesday and she said it wasn't Tuesday.
Me: Yeah, April, it's not Tuesday, it's Wednesday.
Yes, we were both completely serious. Of course, we figured it out and burst out laughing.

Another time a while ago, but it was a Tuesday and Mr. Ulmer hadn't gotten the newspapers yet.
April: There are no Wednesday papers.
Me: Yeah, there are. Taylor, what paper are you reading?
Taylor lifts up the paper.
Me: See April?
April: It's Tuesday, that's the Tuesday paper.

Maybe today I will really realize it is Thursday. There is a girl's basketball game tonight. It's also Opposite Sex day. I am wearing a vest and a tie. However, the vest is really a girl's vest and the tie is actually mine, but whatever. I am sure I will be under dressed compared to everyone else. Trust me, there will be a lot of guy's in dresses. It will be sick and wrong, I guarantee. Yeah, something to look forward to. Anyway, we made our picks for the Super Bowl in U.S. History, and I picked the Giants to win, because no one else did. Also, Michael made us pick other weird stuff. Like, I picked MVP would be Ely Manning (even though I thought his name was Ian), and I picked that Tom Brady would have 312 running yards or whatever they are called (I picked 312 because Nate picked 311) and I said that the Patriots would call the first timeout at 4:12 (I think that's what I said) in the first quarter. Yeah. So, go Giants I guess. I really couldn't care less. At least I learned from last time.

Michael was putting the picks up for the game before, that qualified the teams to go to the Super Bowl and he wrote it like, "Chargers @ N.E." and "NY Giants @ Green Bay." And I asked Michael, "Wait, how do you know who they are playing?" Yep. I should be disowned from my class.

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