Thursday, January 17, 2008


"You know why you are strong? Because look at all of the things that you have been through and you never come to talk to me, when you know you can talk to me about anything and it will be safe. And yes you ask for help and talk with Jeremy sometimes, but you haven't attempted suicide and you continue to keep walking forward. You persevere through it all. When I have watched so many others that don't even have that bad of problems give up and say, 'I am done.' I have been with them when they try to slice their wrists and drown themselves and break their necks. Through your perseverance you will never be weak and you will always be strong." -Bradley, a friend of mine told me this, I added punctuation and capitalization, but it's exactly what my friend said. He probably doesn't want to quote him, but I'm sorry, I appreciate you saying this, because I couldn't see strength in me at all.

I don't see myself at a strong person. I think I'm incredibly weak, more than just if I punched somebody it wouldn't hurt at all. I don't think I've really gone through much of anything. I do know that I'm focused, I know what I'm going to college for and where I'm going, and I'm not going to let anything stop me from achieving that and doing my best. I do know that if I have any strength at all... it's not me. The only strength I may have, I have only because of God. I'm not looking to be strong, because in reality my weakness makes me need God. My weakness keeps me crawling back to God. My weakness keeps my mind in perspective. Maybe it's the weakness that brings me to God is really my strongest quality.

"Every day, I see more of Your greatness.
Every day, I know more of my weakness, Lord.
And I can only hope I'll be changed"
-Tim Hughes, Eyes of My Heart

"You are my strength in weakness be
To find that I could fall
And still Your grace surrounds pursuing
To freely stumble down
I feel Your hands around my heart"
-Jars of Clay, Needful Hands

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