Monday, January 28, 2008

I Drive Slow

On Saturday my friend, Krista, told me that I drive slow. That didn't bother so much as it made me think about my driving. I don't know why. Maybe because I have had my license for two years and three days. Ha, ha. However, I think I am a very safe driver. Most of the times I am with my mom so I make a little more sure that I'm driving the speed limit. I think that I drive as though I will not be pulled over. I drive slower in the winter, due to it being cold and not knowing if the roads will be slippery. I drive assuming everyone else on the road doesn't have a clue what they're doing (or "defensively"). A while ago my friend, Joshua, told me that he had been thinking about how breaking the speed limit was really like breaking the law and even though everybody does it, he said he had been feeling really convicted about it. I first got defensive when he told me, "I am only driving a couple miles over." It wasn't until yesterday I really realized what he meant and it made me alright with the fact that I'm probably a slower driver.

Other than that, happiness has been on my mind. Like what makes a person happy? I always thought happiness was a choice. That you can choose to be happy about something, no matter what situation you are in. Perhaps it's not always the situation, but you can find something in your life to be happy about. I told my friend that and he said, "Well, that's your opinion." Is happiness one of those things were you can have an opinion? On Friday my English teacher asked us all to write a journal entry on what we think it means to be happy, what makes someone happy and the like. I said in my entry that things cannot make you happy. You will never have the latest and the greatest and assuming that possessions make you happy will only leave you unhappy in the end. But, is happiness different for everyone? Or is there just one truth about happiness? I really am not sure, so if someone could share with me their thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.

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