Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fail or Suck

April: "You suck at life."

Me: "Nate, was that your [U.S. History tic-tac-toe] question?"
Nate: "Yeah."
Me: "You fail at life."

April (to me): "Annie, would you rather suck at life or fail at life?"

My answer: I would rather suck at life, because if you fail at life then that's it for you. You fail and then you wait to die. Whereas sucking leaves room for improvement. If you suck, that means you are still trying and aren't very good, but you haven't given up completely. You fail at life, you might as well just give up. This is why I would rather suck at life than fail at life.

Folks, please don't take me seriously. I am a flippant person. Just ask my 9th grade English teacher. She taught me the word flippant just by describing me with the word.

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